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198eeb4e9f3228 The following is a list of rules for a Cree ceremony for hunting:

-A certain number of years must have elapsed since the last time the same person hunted.
-Hunting cannot be done when children are being born or still in their mother's womb.
-It is taboo to return from a hunt without meat.
-Animals can only be hunted with weapons made from wood, bone, and stone.
-Hunters must not look over their shoulders at other animals while they are hunting or expose any part of their body outside the tree line during the hunt except hands and feet that are touching something that doesn't move (i.e., moss, log).

-The hunter's face must be painted red for luck.

-Only males can hunt.
-A hunter should always carry a stone to throw at animals or throw it across the chest so that other animals may not steal his prey.
-Hunters are also forbidden from leaving their footprints besides those made by the bare foot, because they are thought to be k'agagiwinyi (witch track).
-Hunters are not to wear any object that belongs to another person.
-It is good luck if there is no blood spilled by hunting or killing an animal, but if there is it is bad luck. com/channel/UCGgWo-tD1iFnOKPk4mvMnXw

Rights to the music has been acquired from Nora J. Dawn, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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