Qua tang sep nu ma vang dep

For a leader, the pen engraved with his name is an inseparable object, so this is a meaningful gift for the boss. The signature pen can be a piece of jewelry that shows style and class. More specifically, it is also engraved with the boss's name, wishes or the anniversary of the boss


Beautiful and meaningful female boss gift samples

You don't know what to give a female boss; You should spend an appropriate amount of money to choose a gift that makes your boss happy. Phuc Tuong Gold wants to share with you delicate, highly aesthetic gifts worthy of your female boss. High-class female boss gifts always focus on elegance and nobility - typical symbols of women . The beautiful and meaningful female boss gift samples are high-end pens; or table flower paintings, lotus flowers, lotus plants ... Many other products will make your boss satisfied.

qua tang sep nu cao cap

Female Boss Gift - Gold-plated pen plug

Pen plug is a gift that has both great value and practical use; indispensable office supplies. When you give your boss this gift every time he uses the pen to successfully sign valuable contracts; then you will be the first to be remembered thanks to the pen. There is nothing better than when you achieve success, you are the one that your boss remembers. Indeed, this is a meaningful female boss gift that anyone should buy.

Cây hoa Lan cắm bút mạ vàng 24k
  • Orchid flower pot inlaid with 24k gold

Orchids are loved by their gentle fragrance along with their noble, elegant and beautiful beauty. This is a flower that can bring good luck, fortune, prosperity, and dispel evil spirits in the house. It also has the ability to attract positive energy, bringing wealth and complete joy. In addition, orchids are also a symbol of love. Phalaenopsis orchids bring balance energy; help and seek perfection in any area of ​​human life. Suitable as a high-class gift for a female boss on her birthday, grand opening or happy day will be very suitable

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