Qua tang sinh nhat sep ma vang

In work, it is not necessary to have reciprocity. It's not that the boss "gives" you some benefit, but you have to "return" with a material gift. Is not! All you have to do when you receive a favor or privilege is express your sincere gratitude, and the gift o


The gifts for your birthday boss

Today's high-end boss birthday gifts are gilded sailboat gifts, gilded carp gifts, successful unique painting gifts, gilded mascot model gifts ... These are all meaningful gifts with both material and spiritual values, which are the most suitable feng shui gifts for your boss.

qua tang sinh nhat sep cao cap

Boss birthday gift: Gold-plated sailboat

Sailboat is also known as a business boat; loved by businesses and merchants. Because sailing ships symbolize going out to sea, even when facing rough winds. Still returning unharmed, not backing down from difficulties and storms. This is a meaningful birthday gift for a male boss to do business; and the boss's business smoothly and smoothly.

Bức tranh thuận buồm xuôi gióBức tranh thuận buồm xuôi gió

Birthday gifts: Paintings - Statues of unique and successful

The horse is a dear animal who lives from old age, and yet the horses are in battle by the persistent, strength to overcome all challenges, not back, but because the horse is in business, As your favorite company company's company company, when you win a picture or a successful role model for your boss, like you always have a strong wish. There are many wills and power beyond the difficulty; It's appropriate to be a birthday present to you; Master, open up or a steak.

Birthday gift: Gold-plated double carp model The legend

"Carp overcome dragons to become dragons" talks about the image of Carp, the mascot that has overcome 3 waves of fierce waves to transform into the most noble dragon species. ability to call rain, call wind. Therefore, the carp is considered a symbol of success and luck. People who do business or do business are very fond of owning the carp s

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