How to decorate a modern bathroom

How to decorate your modern bathroom with these 5 ideas
Is it time to renew the decoration of your bathroom? If you are looking to give it a modern style, these suggestions will surely come in handy. In a simple way, you can create a new environment in your bathroom.


1. Look for different lights
There is life beyond the spotlights or sconces on both sides of the main mirror. It goes without saying that they are necessary and the first thing you must ensure, because the main thing is to see your reflection well, but in addition to that there are many possibilities.

Why don't you put some purely decorative lighting? A table lamp on a shelf can give it a different look.

Even if you have space, you can consider the possibility of a floor lamp. Original to rage.

bathroom lights

2. Have you found the mirror of your life?
Surely for your living room or bedroom you have looked for original pieces that make a difference and capture the eye. So why not do the same in your bathroom?

One of the central elements is the mirror. Don't just look at what the standard bathroom catalogs have to offer. If you have an original mirror in mind but you are not sure if it would fit or not ... take a chance.

Possibly it is what you lack to give personality to your bathroom. It will attract attention and give it the character you were looking for.

bathroom mirror

3. Attention to the walls
In the bathrooms they are usually the big forgotten ones, and there is no reason. You can find a nice decoration for your bathroom using pictures, prints or posters .

Another option to give your bathroom a modern look is to put wallpaper on the walls. Yes, you read it right! Today Furniture there are high-quality papers, designed to withstand the humidity in a bathroom.

With little investment, you can give your bathroom a very original and different look.

bathroom walls

4. A touch of nature
Consider putting a plant in the bathroom.

Plants decorate any place, you just have to choose the right variety: one that wants high humidity and that adapts to the light conditions. Maybe a fern could be your best option.

And once you have your plants, the choice of planter will be one more decorative tool for your modern bathroom.

We do not recommend those made of natural fibers or cord (macramé type) precisely because of the high level of humidity.

Plastic geometric shapes can fit well into your modern design. Another possibility is aged metal pots on a small base with legs to facilitate cleaning.

bathroom decor

5. Renew the faucet
There are modern faucet designs that will give your bathroom a new look. It's a huge visual change for a moderate investment, and it might just be what your bathroom is needing.

For a modern décor, choose minimalist faucets with matte metallic finishes. If you don't want the traditional silver, choose gold or bronze. Black is also a trend.

And if you want more, here are 6 other decoration ideas for modern bathrooms.

Do you still want to go further in decorating your modern bathroom?
So maybe what you need is a reform that gives you more possibilities. In that case we recommend that you consult with us. We are specialists in reforms and we can help you materialize your ideas.