What are the 7 Principles of Quality Management?



When you are working on CGMP, one of the best things to do is look into setting up a quality management system. This kind of system is going to be a great way to make sure a large company is able to run as smoothly as possible. There are a lot of components that come with this quality management system, but the rough idea is that you will be able to document all of the procedures, processes, and policies that you have in your business and then make sure that you run your operations in a way each day that will adhere to these documents.


It is not very effective if you create a large process manual for the company and then never look at it. It also does not help you much if you make the book and then never put it into practice. This basically just means you are doing a lot of homework and then ignoring it. You need to work on a big process manual and then implement what is inside. The employees, and your management team, need to follow the procedures and the procedures need to eb created with all of these policies in mind from the start.


Each company is going to create their own quality management system based on the industry they are in, the regulations they need to follow and more. However, there will be seven main principles that need to be found in all quality management systems and these include:

1. Customer focus
2. Leadership
3. Engagement of people
4. Process
5. Continuous improvement
6. Decision making that is based on decisions
7. Relationship management


Customer focus is going to be one of the main components of this. Making sure that you provide a good deal of value to the customer and learning the best way to deliver those services will make a good start to the process. With the customer in mind, you will be able to carry that forward in all of the different processes you implement and the other six principles will fall into place.


Working in the food, drink, or medicine industries requires you to meet at least a few regulations and quality assurances. And meeting with some of the CGMP requirements is going to make sure that you provide the best to all of your customers each time. While you explore what is CGMP, you will notice that there are seven main principles that help you to get things handled and can prevent problems along the way. Look into the seven main principles above and learn more about how you can use CGMP to keep you on track.