Top 15 New Year gifts for impressive and meaningful male bosses

When giving feng shui gifts, you need to find out your boss's concept to make an appropriate choice. Do not buy arbitrarily because your boss may not like it, wasting money.


Mascot 2022- Golden Tiger Statue 

 Tiger in feng shui is inherently a symbol of strength, invincible majesty, or likened to the king of the jungle. Therefore, the image of a tiger is often associated with people of high status in society, with powerful and famous leaders. The display of feng shui tiger statues on the desk or living room also speaks volumes. The location of the homeowner, brings the effect of warding off evil spirits, avoiding killing air that is not good for the house. 

boss gift

Gold-plated wish-fulfilling staff

Gold-plated bodhi leaves 

 What should a male boss give Tet gifts? Is a golden bodhi tree that is sophisticatedly and compactly designed by Phuc Tuong Gold, which is suitable for office spaces, in cars... so that everyone can always see a peaceful soul in daily life. 

Gold-plated little boy sauce

Country specialties 

 Vietnam has 63 provinces. In each region, there are famous specialties imbued with the culture of this place. Bird's nest, reishi mushroom, green reishi mushroom ... are famous local products that you can consider as a Tet gift for your boss. 

Successful unique horse painting 

Ma Dao Thanh Cong painting with the image of 8 horses galloping, mighty and majestic. It is a symbol of strength, unity, prosperity, prosperity and success. The successful unique painting inlaid with gold is a picture designed according to the art of 3D painting, so it is very lively, the horses have strong and resilient bodies.

Pot of gilded sunflower

Tet gift basket 

 Choosing Tet gifts with many different shapes and diverse products makes it really difficult for buyers. Especially in the complicated context of the Tet gift market this year. Boxes with exquisite design, products of clear origin, reasonable prices are the first choice of many people. 

Gold-plated arowana painting 

Bonsai apricot tree


Is a precious traditional medicine that grows and develops in extremely difficult conditions and has become a panacea for human health. Natural cordyceps has long been considered an extremely rare thing only for kings, to this day there are still many people hunting for cordyceps due to its effects. This is a very meaningful New Year's gift for a male boss. 

Gold-plated three-man statue

Sports equipment 

Regular exercise is a very beneficial activity for your health. So, if you choose sportswear as a gift for your boss, it will show the thoughtfulness and care of the giver. Footwear, ... 

Gold-plated tie clip

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