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Whatever it is that you’re looking for in fashion you will find with our watch manufacturer You are so important to us that we will do whatever it takes to deliver exactly what you’re looking for in the quickest time period, with as much detail and finesse as you dese


A selection of watches especially suitable for wearing on special occasions, those known as "Dress watches" are nothing more than elegant models with classic lines.

At Luxury Watches Factory can find both men's and women's watches, and they can be used to wear with a suit or for a special gift. You can filter them by gender or brand to help you find the perfect watches for the occasion you are looking for.

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In this watches blog we can help you choose your perfect accessory, that's why we have prepared a series of questions and answers that will help you know which one is the most suitable for you.

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What watch should I buy to wear with a suit? In the event that you are a boy and you are looking for a watch to wear with a suit jacket, you should look at a series of characteristics when choosing:

1) The strap: better if it is made of leather, in an elegant brown or black color, avoid very bright colors. Metal straps are also suitable as long as they are not particularly conspicuous. 2) Color: Preferably you should opt for neutral colors, which combine well with navy blue or gray, which are the most used colors in men's suits. A gray, black or dark blue will go very well with your suit.

How do I choose a wedding watch? For those who are looking for a watch for that special occasion, it is precisely in this selection where you can find those models that, based on our experience, are ideal to wear with both a wedding dress and a groom.

What dress watches are more suitable for a gala dinner? A simple model. In the event that you are looking for a women's watch that goes well with an elegant dress, we recommend models that are not particularly flashy, keep in mind that on that day it is very likely that you will wear very showy jewelry and a special dress, you do not want you look like a Christmas tree so it is better to choose a simple model, with dark colors or a white background and leave the models with bright colors for a more sporty look.

If your preferences are minimalist this Custom Watch Manufacturer is your choose. It has a classic and simple style varying in colors of both the strap and the dial. Its fine and elegant design is versatile and valid for day to day and also, they are unisex.

Bering highlights the manufacture of its watches with very resistant materials. Watches Factory uses steel and anti-scratch sapphire crystals that make the watch last much longer. On the other hand, his minimalist design draws attention to the neutral and elegant colors.