An Important Checklist before Hiring Cherry Picker Rental in Surrey

The cherry pickers are usually an aerial work platform (AWP) or mobile elevating work platform (MEWP). They are also known as powered access machinery that makes it easy to access inaccessible areas using extending mechanical platforms. These platforms are more versatile as compared to the


Are you working at height? You must consider Cherry Picker Rentathat would not only make your work easier but offers safety too. These platforms are suitable for exterior painting, window cleaning, and roof repair projects, as well as working either indoors on factory maintenance projects or outdoors on telecoms, etc.

Cherry Picker Rental and Their Uses-

The cherry pickers are usually an aerial work platform (AWP) or mobile elevating work platform (MEWP). They are also known as powered access machinery that makes it easy to access inaccessible areas using extending mechanical platforms. These platforms are more versatile as compared to the scissor lifts that offer the benefit of outreach as well as height.

You can find different sorts of cherry pickers or boom lifts and some of them have further outreach or a higher working height than others. Usually, a platform or bucket is attached to the boom that helps to extend upwards and from side to side or contains hinges that allow it to provide an 'up and over' movement. When we talk about the operator of a boom lift, they are highly protected and contained by a cage or safety rail and raised to the suitable height or position safely. 

The cherry pickers enable more exact access to difficult to reach areas. We can say that they are the closest version of the aerial platform to a crane, but differently, move and control. These platforms are larger than other types of AWP, like scissor lifts and personnel lifts. Hence they are widely used on large-scale projects such as construction and events. Usually mounted on a truck or lorry, they can cover their telescoping sections to a height of more than 100 metres. 

You can also access smaller booms to be used in telephone and power line maintenance, window cleaning, tree surgery, and firefighting. They are usually powered by diesel owing to their weight, but the smaller version of this platform may be powered by LPG, electricity, battery, or pneumatics. 


Cherry Picker Rental Surrey


This Boom Lift is capable of taking 2 men up to 12 metres. It is one of the most strong and versatile trailer mounts available. With this platform, the operation is quick and easy, simple hydraulic controls make it an ideal alternative to ladders Scaffolds. 

All you just need to discuss with your local supplier to check what they have as per your needs. Make sure your supplier has the best deal on Cherry Picker Rental Surrey

The Benefits of Cherry Picker Rental in Surrey-

There is a number of works that can be carried out by cherry pickers that we discussed above, including cleaning out gutters and putting up new signage. However, buying a new one or a used one can be expensive for you, especially if you need the equipment for certain jobs.

Most often get confused about how they will benefit from a cherry picker rental service. Let’s find out the best possible answer to this question-

Renting flexibility- If you need this equipment for certain jobs which are also not frequent, you must consider a rental service. You will have the freedom to pick your boom lift when you need it. You can also hire it for a full day. It saves you money that you must think about. Yes, you can do such work with the help of a ladder, but those very high places you need to reach require a cherry picker. 


 When you are renting your required cherry picker, make sure your supplier is reputed and professional. It ensures that you will receive the best and well-maintained equipment as well as get the best value for your money. Also, you are able to use it right away without having to carry out any maintenance and also it will enable you to access high areas safely and easily.

Time effective- 

You don’t need to worry about anything as some of the best companies will deliver the cherry picker at your project site and collect it from you again when you have finished with it. It can save your time as you don’t need to bother about transportation of equipment. 

Work competently-

A cherry picker enables you to work competently and complete your project within a timeframe in a hassle-free way. As this equipment has a hydraulic lifting system, you can easily access several floors of a building with ease.

Cost-Effective method- When you buy a cherry picker, you must keep in mind that it requires regular maintenance. Also, some repairs come as a consequence of unexpected breakdowns. It needs the expertise of engineers and experienced craftsmen to repair. 

Renting a cherry picker allows you to use it without owning it. Renting options removes the maintenance costs and long-term debt that is associated with acquiring the machine. You can finish your project faster and minimize the cost of operation.  If you are running a business, then it is the best option to save your bucks and maximize your profit margins. 

Hidden prices- If a cherry picker is returned to your supplier in a not damaged way then all the cost would be exclusively paid by the rental company according to the rental agreement. There are no hidden charges while returning the equipment. 

No Storage- You don’t need to have storage or a warehouse to keep it safe as after using it you can give it back to your rental company. If you have booked it for more than one day, then you can return it to the company and again the next day it will get back to you.

Cherry pickers are one of the most convenient aerial work platforms for various industrial works as well as for all sorts of different work including construction, maintenance and servicing, and so on. Take advantage of rental services instead of owing them. 

Choosing Cherry Picker Rental in Surrey- how to use it safely?

Using cherry pickers is undoubtedly the safest, fastest, inexpensive, and least intrusive alternative to scaffolding platforms or towers. However, choosing the right equipment as per your needs and use it properly should be backed by proper planning. Make sure the environment and conditions of use are acceptable for the equipment. 

Ground conditions- The ground where you are working with a cherry picker should be appropriate and level. You should avoid using it on unstable ground, sloping ground, in high winds or extreme cold, during thunderstorms, near power lines, in the dark, etc.

Avoid any risk-

Although a cherry picker is a movable platform to cover a range of high-level access tasks, it is also your responsibility or the operator’s concern to stay within the parameters of the harness and working platform at the top of the equipment. As you are working with it at a height, it may be risky if you ignore the safety precautions. 

Cherry Picker Rental

A risk assessment-

You should carry out a full risk assessment while working with a cherry picker. This is the most important thing to consider. You can also use a fall protection system. When we talk about the causes of an accident, it could be mechanical equipment failure, inappropriate ground settings, severe falls, or contact with other vehicles.

Your one mistake can lead to far-reaching consequences. Hence, make sure you have included the safety plan before using a cherry picker at your project site. 

Sufficient training- it is of utmost importance, including specific working at height training. The operators should have minimum training beforehand that ensures that they are fully conversant with the operation of the machinery along with all the relevant safety precautions. 

An important Checklist before Hiring Cherry Picker Rental in Surrey –

When you are working at a height, for example, trimming branches from trees, repairing gutter, cleaning windows, fixing roofs, then using a cherry picker is the best option to gain access to the area you need. It will just need to drive up, set up the machine, which may be a case of just climbing up in to the cage on the back and lift up into the air.

What you need to consider-

How high do I need to go?

Usually, the upward height of a cherry picker is measured from ground level to the maximum height it can reach with the reach of an average person. Do not your own height to be added to the top of the machine measurement, unless you're unusually tall.

How far out do I need to go?

The outreach, how far a machine can stretch sideways, is measured from the turret to the fingertips of the average person extending from the fully stretched boom. So it depends on the work you are doing with it. 

What is the ground condition?

There are different sorts of cherry pickers available to hire. According to the ground conditions, you should hire a cherry picker. For sloppy ground, check the gradient level on the hire specs. If there is very rough terrain, you can go with specialist cherry pickers to deal with it. For wet ground, be sure the cherry picker is well supported. For changeable conditions, you are not sure of how to set up the machine to be safe. So it is better to call your service provider for advice before you start. They will set it up appropriately. 

They have their own survey team to arrive on-site to find that you don't have the right equipment for the job. It ensures that all our powered access platform hires run efficiently from initial inquiry to job completion. You can rest assured that your project will be started at the right time.

What affects the cost?

It depends on how long you need the machine, usually paid by the day or week. Also, whether you are employing a professional as an operator or you are hiring on a self-drive basis. Which particular machine you need to hire is also important. 


Cherry Picker Rental Surrey


Consult your supplier-

You can also directly talk to your company supplying the cherry picker if you are confused about anything. They are highly experienced in their use and will explain to you what you need. They can help you pick the right machine for your job as well as with the training if you need it.

How do I hire a cherry picker?

Once you have selected the access platform you would like to hire you can place your order online. Even their expert team is ready to offer advice if you are hesitant about which machine is the most appropriate for your next project, or if you need to arrange a site survey. 

In a nutshell, renting a cherry picker is worth investing in, in many ways that we have discussed above in this article. All you just need to make sure you have hired a professional and leading rental company for your required equipment so you can expect a great and transparent deal from them.

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