The Obscure Watch Brands You Should Know About

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One of the primary reasons customers choose to buy from a luxury fashion brand is the notoriety attached to their logo or brand name. Gucci clothing comes plastered with their logo, watch brands such as Rolex and Omega are similarly bought for social prestige.

But the other reason customers opt to buy from Luxury Watches Manufacturer is the exclusive nature of their products. So if you aren't as bothered about flaunting your wealth and social status and instead are more interested in establishing yourself as a unique individual with excellent taste, then here are a few lesser-known and obscure watch brands to get you started.

Thomas Earnshaw
Thomas Earnshaw was an English White Label Watch Manufacturer who further simplified the process of marine chronometer production, thus making them available to the general public. Charles Darwin himself was known to use a Thomas Earnshaw timepiece on his revolutionary Origin of Species voyage. Now over 240 years later, this luxury watch manufacturer is still kicking and very much alive. Their brand has grown to craft timeless watches perfect for sailors, travelers, or land lovers.

Khs Watches Manufacturer

Okay, maybe you were looking for something slightly more obscure, perhaps even antique? Gruen watches was formerly one of America's biggest watch companies and were in business between 1894 and 1958. After their dissolution, their Swiss Watch Factory is now used in Rollex watch manufacturing. Now lost to time, Gruen watches were once well-known and sought after. It is even rumored that a Gruen Precision 510 was the first watch worn by James Bond in the 1962 film Dr.No. To wear a Gruen is to carry a little piece of history on your wrist, a unique statement piece, and an excellent conversation starter.

Want something modern, slick, minimal? Try an Objest. A newcomer on the watchmaking scene, Objest is a London-based watchmaker specializing in sleek, stylish, and customizable watches. Their wide array of customization options make this brand the perfect choice for an individual looking to stand out as a unique and knowledgeable individual. Not as flashy as some of the other options on this list, Objest keeps things simple. This is an excellent choice for an individual who appreciates the simple things in life and feels no need to overcompensate.

Another minimalist-style brand, Junghans watches, are built with the underlying values of precision, reliability, and comfort. Dating as far back as 1861 and beginning business under the name Junghans and Tobler, the brand made a name for themselves in Schramberg, southwest Germany. Junghans watches are often simple, traditional, and timeless designs and are perfect for an individual who values function over fashion.