Do Traditional Watches Offer Benefits Over Your Phone Or Smart Watch?

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Okay, this is a topic that I've always wanted to talk about, as an armchair sociologist and futurist. With the advent of smart phones and their inevitable ubiquity, it was very possible for watches to become another one of those things that the information age gradually killed. Obviously, there are a lot of things that are only still around because of an increasingly-diminishing older generation still spending the money. These are things like cable television, newspapers, magazines, paper books and various other things. It won't be long before these things are gone for good.

However, various watches factories, especially Leather Watch Manufacturers and those who make factory diamond watches, aren't worried about this obsolescence, and I think I know why. Convenience is what drives 99% of innovation, adoption and continued business. If something is inconvenient, it tends to fail unless there is no better option, and it is an absolute necessity. For the average Joe who only need to know what time it is every few hours, it's very possible that a watches and something they need anymore. They are probably in front of some sort of device at any given time that gives them an approximate time that suffices.

However, for people who travel, people who are always on the go locally and people and businesses that are extremely time-sensitive, which is a lot of high-stakes professional life out there, trusting a digital display is a mistake first and foremost. Along with this, constantly pulling one's phone out to see the time is inconvenient, and that phone may be busy holding a conversation or a conference call anyhow, making it inconvenient to pull up the time in an easily-legible scale.

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So, you might think, well these people should probably invest in a smart watch. You can do that, but you are throwing away money on a technology looking for a purpose to fulfill. Smart watches are really only particularly useful to people highly into fitness, or whom suffer from medical conditions that need them to monitor their biometrics. They are poor at telling time, and all of the money spent on them for such an ugly, austere device, is money thrown away on features that really don't do much over just pulling your phone out of your pocket.

However, a precision watch from various Watches Manufacturers, leather watch Manufacturers and especially the gorgeous designs by Factory Diamond Watches makers out there, can provide you with reliable time at a glance. In spite of the power of the microchip and integrated circuit, quartz movement mechanical watches will always be more precise. Microchips can make mistakes, and they eat batteries alive. On top of this, they just don't convey the same level of professionalism and financial upward mobility that a high-quality, beautiful watch from one of these manufacturers can provide. Along with this, smart watches, phones and old-fashioned digital watches are far more susceptible to the environment. They can fail due to humidity, static, interference, you name it. A traditional mechanical watch is susceptible to none of these, unless it is extreme in nature.